The Founders Journal #3: Fall/Winter 1990-91

Confessors of Faith

Issue 3

Fall/Winter 1990-91


[Inside Cover]

Baptists: Confessors of Faith
Tom Ascol

The Priesthood of All Believers and the Quest for Theological Integrity
Timothy George

Are Creeds Appropriate for Bible Believing Baptists?
Tom J. Nettles

Doctrine and Devotion (Part 1)
Ernest C. Reisinger


Book Reviews

  • Baptist Church Covenants by Charles W. Deweese; 1990, Broadman $12.95.
    Joe Nesom
  • A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith by Samuel E. Waldron: Evangelical Press, 1989, $24.95.
    Chuck Todd

Announcement: 1991 Southern Baptist Founders Conference