The Founders Journal #4: Spring 1991

Systematic Theology and Preaching

Issue 4

Spring 1991


[Inside Cover]

Systematic Theology and Preaching
Tom Ascol

Doctrine and Devotion (Part 2)
Ernest C. Reisinger

The Role of Confessions in Baptist Faith and Practice
Tom J. Nettles

Church Discipline: Lost, but Recoverable
James Leo Garrett, Jr.

Speaking the truth in Love
Timothy George

We Need Men of God Again
A. W. Tozer


Book Reviews

  • Letters of Samuel Rutherford, edited by Andrew Bonar; 1984, 768 pp, Banner of Truth, $24.95
    Mack Tomlinson
  • Pray with Your Eyes Open: Looking at God, Ourselves, and Our Prayers, by Richard L. Pratt, Jr. 1987, 193 pp, Presbyterian and Reformed, $6.95
    Tom Ascol

Announcement: Fifth Annual Southern Baptist Founders Youth Conference