The Founders Journal #5: Summer 1991

Evangelism & Missions

Issue 5

Summer 1991


[Inside Cover]

Deadly Evangelism
Tom Ascol

The Family and Evangelism
Ernest C. Reisinger

The New Testament Meaning of “Witness”
Ernest C. Reisinger

Revival and the Sovereignty of God
Lewis Drummond

Preparing a Church for a “Revival Effort”
R. F. Gates

Personal Involvement in World Missions
George Martin


Book Reviews

  • Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by J.I. Packer, 1961, 126 pp.; InterVarsity Press $5.95.
    Ernest Reisinger
  • Words to Winners of Souls by Horatius Bonar; 1979, 76 pp; Baker Book House (reprint).
    Bob Selph
  • Thoughts for Young Men by J. C. Ryle; 61 pp; 1991 Calvary Press (reprint).
  • A Plea to Pray for Pastors by Gardiner Spring; 9 pp; 1991 Calvary Press (reprint).
    Tom Ascol

Recommended Literature

Book Offer: Southern Baptist Sermons on Sovereignty and Responsibility