The Founders Journal #6: Fall 1991

Old Error Rediscovered

Issue 6

Fall 1991


[Inside Cover]

Old Error Rediscovered
Tom Ascol

Jesus Is Lord
Terry Chrisope

Behind the Lordship Controversy
Ernest C. Reisinger

Early Baptists and Easy-Believism
Tom Nettles


Book Reviews

  • Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth by John H. Gerstner; 1991, 275 pp., Wolgemuth & Hyatt.
    Ernest Reisinger
  • A Layman’s Guide to the Lordship Controversy by Richard P. Belcher; 1990, 106 pp., Crowne Publications, $6.95.
    Ted Manby
  • Jesus is Lord by Terry Alan Chrisope, 1982, 122 pp. Evangelical Press.
    Tony Mattia

Sidebar: A Puritan Prayer