The Founders Journal #9: Summer 1992

Historic Southern Baptist Principles

Issue 9

Summer 1992


[Inside Cover]

Historic Southern Baptist Principles
Tom Ascol

A History of Dispensationalism in America
Ernest C. Reisinger

Luther Rice on God’s Sovereignty and Man’s Responsibility
James B. Taylor

The Subtle Lure of Liberalism
Timothy George

Charles Finney’s Assault Upon Biblical Preaching
Donald Strickland

What We Believe According to the Scriptures
F. H. Kerfoot


Book Reviews

  • The Works of John Bunyan; 3 Vols. Edited by George Offor; 1991, Banner of Truth, $116.95.
    Tom Ascol
  • A Journey in Grace: A Theological Novel by Richard P. Belcher; 1990, 154 pp. Crowne Publications, $8.95.
    Donna Ascol
  • A Journey in Purity: A Theological Novel By Richard P. Belcher; 1990, 213 pp. Crowne Publications, $10.95.
    Ted Manby