The Founders Journal #35: Winter 1999

Contending for Truth in Love

Issue 35

Winter 1999


[Inside Cover]

Contending for Truth in Love
Tom Ascol

Infant Baptism and the Regulative Principle
Fred Malone

The Covenant of Circumcision: No Just Plea For Infant Baptism
W. T. Brantly


Charles H. Spurgeon


Book Reviews

  • The Biblical Doctrine of Infant Baptism. By Pierre Ch. Marcel. Translated from the French by Philip Edgcumbe Hughes. London: James Clarke & Co. Ltd., 1959, 256 pp.
    Fred Malone

  • The Life and Ministry of John Gano, Volume 1. By Terry Wolever. Springfield, MO: Particular Baptist Press, 1998. 454 pp., Hardback, $32.00.
    Douglas R. Shivers