Founders Journal · Spring 2000 · pp. 30-32


We received three boxes of materials today. I was blown over by your generosity. Some guys came by today and picked up some of the journals and were like kids in a candy store. You will never know what good will come from this material that you supplied. We will try to be good stewards of your confidence. Will also get some of the ads for the SBFC onto the campus and mail some to the pastors we know in the area. We had to make a trip to Mt. Zion again this week and get more material. The Spurgeon’s catechism seems to be well received as well as Pink’s works and C. H. Spurgeon. Several have expressed thanks for the starting of this ministry. We had 14 at a Bible study on Wednesday and are planning a fellowship meeting tonight (Saturday). Who knows what the Lord has in mind?! There seems to be a real hunger and openness for the Historic Baptist doctrines on the campus. Continue to pray for us that we may have wisdom in all we do. Again, our sincere thanks for your help.

By His grace,
C. P., via e-mail

… I do appreciate the Founders Journal for the stand that is taken on Evangelical and Reformed truth. I find the articles relevant to the spiritual trends of the times. It is very refreshing and stimulating in today’s secular humanism to have a magazine that is sound biblically, and that brings us back to the truth.

To all your contributors, be encouraged, your words do not fall to the ground, nor is your labor in vain.

God bless you all.

Yours warmly
Through grace alone,
B. S., Sydney, Australia

Founders Journal,

Please take me off of your mailing list. I no longer embrace the heretical teaching. I “study to show myself approved, and RIGHTLY DIVIDE THE WORD OF TRUTH.” Do not send me anymore materials.


T. H., Brazoria, TX

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am sending this check to purchase a copy of Dr. Nesom’s new book Be Sure What You Believe. I will soon be starting as an Associate Pastor at my local church, and I have been searching for a good book to use for doctrinal training. Our church is unfortunately typical in its neglect of doctrine: neglect of the Word. (God, forgive us!) But our pastor loves God and is preaching His Word to the church–so, God is at work. Pray for us as we seek to become obedient to Scripture and more faithful in our witness. I praise God for your ministry.

S.A., North Carolina

P. S. There really are fellow Calvinistic Baptists here at Southeastern Seminary! Not a majority by any means, but there are some of us!

Dear Sirs,

I received my first issues of Founders Journal and read through both at one sitting. These articles completely reflect my own heart on Scripture and the interpretation thereof and where we as Baptists need to go if we recover our power, effectiveness, and heritage.

As a pastor, I was/am very interested in securing Be Sure What You Believe by Joe Nesom. I feel this book will help me to articulate the Doctrines of the Faith to those whom God has given me charge.


In Christ Jesus,
R. S., Dallas, TX

Just a note to let you know how impressed I am in the midst of my first visit to your magnificent website. I know that I shall return again and again until I have down-loaded, printed-out, and/or memorized every nook and cranny thereof.

… I just recently acquired an on-line computer and ISP service about the first of February and have spent a lot of time breaking things and getting lost. Now I am beginning to feel like I can put away my white-tipped cane and do some serious searching and studying. I have already found Family Radio, Jonathan Edwards, John Calvin, Ligonier (R. C. Sproul), and another one or two that I’ve forgotten, but Founders seems just like home.

In Christ’s service, and may God bless all of you at Founders Journal.

R. D. A., via e-mail