Founders Journal · Summer 2003 · p. 33


National Church Planting Ministry Announced

PENSACOLA, FL — Interested in seeing the pace of biblical reformation quickened within the SBC? Willing to cooperate with like-minded colleagues in planting doctrinally-sound churches throughout North America?

There are now approximately 300 self-identified “Founders-friendly” churches and over 1,000 “Founders friends” scattered across North America. Although these may embrace a common theological heritage, inter-church cooperation has never been fully engaged, particularly in the area of missions and evangelism.

What could happen if a cooperative, intentional, national strategy was developed to plant historic SBC churches? What if resources and training could be made available to strengthen and encourage church planters and their core groups?

After serving as a bivocational church planter for 17 years and a church planting strategist with the North American Mission Board (NAMB) for the past 6 years, Bill Lollar is pursuing such a ministry. This new ministry, Grace to North America, is now being organized.

In order to get Grace to North America fully operational, churches or individuals are currently needed to support this new ministry through intercessory prayer and monthly financial gifts. Those willing to explore such a partnership are encouraged to respond to:

Bill Lollar
Grace to North America
7606 Harvey Street, Pensacola, FL 32506
Home/Office: (850) 455-7938 * Cell: (850) 261-6848