Founders Journal · Summer 2003 · p. 24 By choosing Christ for your friend and portion, you will obtain these two infinite benefits:

FIRST. CHRIST WILL GIVE HIMSELF TO YOU, with all those various excellencies that meet in him, to your full and everlasting enjoyment. He will ever after treat you as his dear friend; and you shall ere long be where he is, and shall behold his glory, and shall dwell with him, in most free and intimate communion and enjoyment….

SECOND. By your being united to Christ, you will have a more glorious union with, and enjoyment of, God the Father, than otherwise could be. For hereby the saints’ relation to God becomes much nearer; they are the children of God in an higher manner, than otherwise could be. For being members of God’s own natural Son, they are in a sort partakers of his relation to the Father: they are not only sons of God by regeneration, but by a kind of communion in the sonship of the eternal Son.

 Jonathan Edwards From The Excellency of Christ