Founders Journal · Winter 2004 · p. 33


Dear Dr. Ascol,

Back in late October 2003, Shalom Christian Media (a literature ministry of Shalom Church, a Reformed Baptist church in Singapore) managed to gather together some materials to send to local Baptist pastors and seminaries. The genesis of the idea came from a reading of Geoff Thomas’ biography on Ernest Reisinger. In it we saw how God used pastor Reisinger to spread His truth of sovereign grace to Baptists, both in the pulpit and seminaries. Over in Singapore we also long to see the local Baptist brethren here come and share the same truth that our Baptist forefathers have fervently embraced and loved so much.

As a result, the following items were assembled and sent to about 50 Baptist pastors and a few Baptist seminaries: copies of the July 2003 issue of Preaching and Preachers (a journal from South Africa edited by Pastor Martin Holdt), copies of Reformation Today (a magizine edited by Erroll Hulse), copies of the Founders Journal, copies of the Sword and Trowel Magazine, Today’s Gospel: Authentic or Synthetic by Walter Chantry and What’s Wrong with Preaching Today (by Al Martin).

May our Lord use this little effort to implant His truths in the local pastors. Please pray that a re-capturing of that great reformation spirit may come about in the pulpit and in the lives of His people.