The Founders Journal #60: Spring 2005

Servants Who Served Well

Issue 60

Spring 2005


[Inside Cover]

Servants Who Served Well
Thomas K. Ascol

Curtis Vaughan: A Tribute by Personal Testimony
Tom J. Nettles

The Blessings of God’s New People: A Doxology
Curtis Vaughan

Relton Floyd (R.F.) Gates: A Man Who Walked with God
Bill Ascol



New in 2005 from Founders Press

Book Reviews

  • James R. White, Scripture Alone. Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 2004. pb., 221 pages. List $13.99 $25.99. ISBN 0-85234-512-7 John Divito

  • Anthony Chute, A Piety Above the Common Standard: Jesse Mercer and Evangelistic Calvinism. Macon, GA: Mercer University Press, 2004. hb., 238 pages. List $45.00 Ray Van Neste

Sound theology on the high seas: Founders Carribean cruise 2005

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